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Manage your Link Building and Search Engine Rankings

29th March 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

Trying to manage a website can take up hours of your day and requires you to constantly monitor and review your websites statistics. That’s why it’s so important that you’re using the right software to store these statistics and view then through. Caphyon have, by far, the best software for these purposes.

Advanced Web Ranking

Their flagship product, Advanced Web Ranking, records and stores your search engine rankings allowing you to view the results over a time line or on a report. Search engine ranking can be recorded for most major search engines including nationwide and worldwide search engines. Data can also be collected for multiple sites through Advanced Web Ranking allowing you to quickly and easily compare your website’s rankings alongside your competitors. Other facility’s of the program include a keyword density tool, a keyword suggestion tool and a submission tool allowing you to submit your website to more than 400 search engines.

Features Explained

Keyword Research Tool- A strong use of keywords will allow you the best chance of being successful at search engine optimization (SEO). The Keyword Research Tool suggests ideas for keywords showing you a analysis of each keyword.

Search Engine Friendly- Advanced Web Ranking retrieves its results through a set of automated queries. Search engines can find this abusive because it takes up their bandwidth and processing power. As a result the program has been designed to retrieve results as a human would through a internet browser. Making it search engine friendly and none abusive.

Over 1000 Different Search Engines- A unique selling point of Advanced Web Ranking is the fact that it allows you to choose from a list of 1000’s of search engines. Most other ranking competitors only compare rankings for the major search engines.

Multiple Proxy- Retrieving keyword results can take a long time. To speed this up Advanced Web Ranking allows you to set up multiple proxies allowing you to run multiple queries at any one time.

Competitor Sites- Why not collect data about your competitor websites as well. See their site on the reports and graphs allowing you to benchmark and see where people’s strengths and weaknesses are located.

Google and Aleaxa Rankings- Easily view your websites Page Rank and Aleaxa on reports and within the program.

Trigger Reports and Warnings- If you’re storing too much data it can sometimes be hard to view it and see the whole picture. Setting up a trigger will allow you to get notified when something happens. You decide and customize the trigger and can have as many as you want. A great use of this feature could be to be notified if a keyword ever drops 5 places in a search engine.

Local Search- Advanced Web Rankings allows you to also store and view results for local search engines such as Google maps and a targeted region or city on Pay Per Click (PPC) Google advertising. This allows you to see your rankings on maps, paid for advertising and standard search results.

Advanced Link Manager

The second major software Caphyon have released is Advanced Link Manager. Advanced Link Manager allows you to streamline link building campaigns and monitor inbound links to your website. Now the main importance of this software is the fact that is makes it so easy to gain new links and check link popularity.

Main Features

Domain Quality- Links have different quality and are do not all bear the same weight and benefits. With the domain quality tool you can quickly check your website, or a potential link partners website and find out the quality of the domain and it also reports on ways as to improve that quality.

Website Crawler- This is a useful feature that crawls your website and then brings back a set of results and information regards the each page that it crawled. This allows you to easily identify page strengths and weaknesses. The crawler displays the page HTTP response, inbound links, outbound links, META information and its size.

Webpage Analyzer- This tool quickly crawls through each page of your website and quickly displays lots of helpful tips on how to improve it.

Link Partners- Having a high number of inbound links will increase your page rank and web traffic. That’s why it is so important to have a high number of links from other websites pointing to your website. The link referrer tool suggests websites that you should contact for new links as well as showing you current sites that are already link partners with you.

Client Email- Link building can be a pain when it comes to managing, archiving and storing emails sent. Advanced Link Manager deals with this problem by providing an independent email program that you can easily set up to retrieve and send emails via POP3 or Imap. This client email interlinks with the link partner tool to retrieve linking and potential linking partners email address so you can send emails significantly faster.

Manage Campaigns and Status Information- Managing where you are with a link building campaign can be a hard task. With the status information feature you can easily see who you’re waiting for responses from and who’s replied and created a link. All status’s are customizable allowing you to record notes in a style that works for you.


So if you’re managing a website then we recommend using Caphyons’ Advanced Link Manager and Web Ranking software. Make sure you use them side by side allowing you to effectively manage your websites rankings and link management, saving both time and money.

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