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Monday: Your Step-By-Step Guide

30th July 2018 Company

We have recently updated this instruction guide: for the most up to date information please follow the link to our updated guide of How to use

Following on from our exciting announcement regarding our move to, we have created a handy step-by-step guide. This also features useful tips we think you might like to use when you are up and running. Don’t forget you can use the platform on your desktop, as well as downloading the App to your phone so you are able to access your Design or Marketing campaign anywhere, at any time.

Monday Dashboard

This is the Media Street Dashboard. We use shareable boards on the left hand sides for our clients, as well as internal boards for Media Street staff.

Notifications and Search Bar

The notifications tab will highlight any new updates or comments added to a campaign. Also, you are able to easily search for certain tasks or hashtags such as #content or #SEO in regards to your campaign, using the search tool.


Below the Media Street banner you have the inbox feature. This allows you to send private mail to a member of staff if you have any questions or queries regarding the work schedule or monthly reports. Equally, if you have been tagged in comments they will appear in here.

Client tasks

The Media Street team will create schedules two months in advance, minimum. We create a ‘Group’ like the one above (i.e July Tasks) to work from every month. Within this you will able to see the:

As the client and staff member you are also able to create a new ‘pulse’ if you would like to add a new task to the monthly schedule.


Adding comments to a pulse is easy! The speech bubble displayed in the group is where you can add your own comments to the task. You are able to tag people in the comments using the ‘@’ tag to make sure the comment is highlighted in their notifications tab. (See image below).

You can also add members of staff to the conversation, as well as edit your post and ‘liking’ it.

Any comments or questions?

These are the basics of using Monday, if you would have any questions regarding the use of the platform, as well as any suggestions on how we could improve – don’t hesitate to get in contact with your marketing representative at Media Street.

There is also a Youtube Video which produced which is also a useful tool if you have a spare 60 seconds.

We look forward to having you on board!

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