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Review on Advanced Web Stats

15th May 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

Advanced Web Stats is a website traffic track software programme which facilitates you with various helpful statistics regarding your website visitors. You can check out how many visitors or visits your site has got monthly, weekly or daily, know how they exactly found your website and what keyword they entered in their chosen search engine (ie Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).

Also one can also know which search-engines people use to reach each webpage, and assesses their OS, browsers and a plethora of other helpful site statistics and reports. The software program comes with a ground-breaking ‘Hybrid Tracking’ system that mainly monitors server log-files and java Script tag simultaneously. This feature helps to congregate important information from server and client side, facilitating with increased flexibility and accuracy of the data amassed.

Business executives and marketing professionals can track results of their marketing efforts based upon site activity, with Advanced Web Statistics software.

Key features of Advanced Web Stats

Monitoring the behaviour of visitors is the most critical task that affects one’s online business or ecommerce store. Advanced Web Stats, through scores of useful features comes with assured success and is a must for any high traffic website.

Here’s just a few of its main statistical features:

Apart from the above mentioned information, there are also various other features, like filters that enable you to narrow down the information to be shown within reports; site navigation that helps you know on which webpage visitors arrive on the site and detailed reports that help to uncover which web pages are popular and what kind of programs are downloaded the most, something free web stats software rarely offers.

Advanced Web Stats is visually appealing, and easy to use. So, do not look further, download the software right now and begin turning the know-how of your site traffic stats into huge money in the pocket.

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