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Signing Up To Webmaster Tools

13th June 2014 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

Webmaster Tools is an essential bit of kit for anyone wanting to improve their website’s Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO). In the following tutorial I will detail how to go about getting this set-up so you can start monitoring all kinds of data which will help you start to rise up the rankings.

If you don’t know where to start SEO can be a bit of a challenge – so it’s vital you have some direction of what needs to be improved, but also, what is working for you.

Getting Started

The best thing about Google Webmaster Tools is that it’s free – all you need is Google Account. Go to and click on “You”.

Once signed up, you’ll have a shiny new Gmail email address and some other Google applications. Next, go to and sign in. From here, you want to click the “Add a Site” button.

Add A Site

Now you need to Verify your ownership. There are a few different ways that this can be done, but in this instance we’ll use the “HTML tag” method.

You’ll be supplied a snippet of code – simply copy this into your website’s home page <head> section (in the area before the first <body>):

Once the code has been added, click “Verify”, and your done.

I’ll follow this blog up with an in-depth look at some of the features that will help you on your quest to SEO glory!

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