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The Importance of a Sitemap

30th March 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

A sitemap is a web page stored on a server listing every page on that site. This can be represented in two different ways, either by a xml file or just as a standard page on your site.

The importance a sitemap is the fact that it lists every page on your site allowing search engines,, including Google, to easily navigate around. In a sense you’re giving them a map and that’s why it’s so vital to have one. Easy navigation means that the search engines can quickly crawl your website, saving time and as a result they’ll spend more of their time on actual content. They focus on getting you to the top for the relevant search phrases rather than just being able to know which pages exist and should be indexed.

If you’re wanting to see an example of a sitemap you can view the Media Street Sitemap to get an idea of what a standard website map should look like. If your website doesn’t have one and you want one set up then make sure you contact our office in Exeter, Devon, to find out how are web designers can help get your business to the top of Google and the other search engines.

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