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The importance of online marketing and keeping a clean name!

30th April 2014 Marketing

In an ever-increasing competitive global market, it is of paramount importance for companies across every respective industry to promote themselves in a positive light and obtain a large percentage of consumer interest and custom to become a corporate force. Effective use of advertising and marketing strategies is fundamental in promoting brand awareness and the existence of a company, whose business-to-business or business-to-consumer enterprise provides current existing and prospective customers with the best quality products and services.

Traditional forms of promotional material continue to be effective within the modern day business world, with business cards and leaflets provide essential information that can instantly promote what area a company specialises in and invaluable contact information from which potential interest can be transformed into sales conversions. The emergence and subsequent advancements of internet technology has provided companies of all sizes and calibre with a wonderful opportunity to promote themselves on a worldwide scale to potentially extend a business network from local, regional and national into overseas markets. It has effectively revolutionised the business world as millions of e-commerce companies have emerged to further extend the level of competitiveness, while companies who establish a strong web presence are much more likely to succeed in the 21st Century than those who opt for more traditional methods of advertising.

Web aesthetics

Creating a business website should provide strong foundations for any company to establish a strong web presence which can be instrumental in improving conversion rates and sales profits. Commercial websites should effectively promote professionalism and the area of expertise they specialise in to provide customers with an instant understanding of what a company offers and the level of quality they expect to receive. Although launching a company website that contains all the relevant information and facilities for customers to utilise, it is imperative to get the aesthetical aspects spot on.

Customers are more likely to take their business to a high quality website which is instantly appealing on the eye and emphasises professionalism throughout every page and feature. Effective use of colours and graphics are integral to the attractiveness of a corporate website; web designers must find a nice balance of colours to ensure a website stands out without being overly bright and loud, or dull and make customers lose interest. The overall design could be combined with a company logo, with the use of colours further promoting the brand and creating memorable links via visual qualities that stick in the minds of every customer who establish regular custom with a particular company over their market rivals. Bet365’s website is an example of a simplistic, yet visually effective website which is professional in its appearance and encourages millions of punters to remain with them over other bookmakers. Opening an account opens a world of online gambling to punters who can enjoy betting on sports, casino and bingo games with excellent odds, as bet365 shows them as fractional and decimal to allow customers to work out the potential winnings.

Steer clear of bad press

Successful businesses base themselves upon strong foundations which ensure every company policy and ethics are adhered to on a daily basis, and establish a brand that is highly reputable within the business world and not tarred by bad publicity. The creation of a business website should be valued as an integral component that is designed and regularly maintained to enhance a company’s profile, and not be seen as a burden that places increased pressure to be ultimately professional within every aspect of their business model. While a company website should be vibrant and attract customers to purchase products or services, it should also carry a high level of usability efficiency to ensure users can find what they want without becoming annoyed within a confusing labyrinth. Every website should be built to be user-friendly and allow users to flow freely throughout each page which are suitably connected and allow for information to be accessed and items to be purchased.

Operating through a company website that lacks any design quality or usability aspect can result in bad reviews from customers which is damaging for any business. It creates an unhealthy reputation across targeted consumer groups who may be advised not to take their business to a company who do not provide a sufficient level of customer service or adhere to their own policies and delivery guarantee stated on their website. Receiving good reviews is an invaluable commodity that can further promote a company’s existence in the public domain, and become an interesting proposition for prospective clients who read the reviews and may take their business to a company which is guaranteed to match their desire for quality and excellent customer service.

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