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Top 10 hilarious Google searches

21st March 2017 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

The internet is a truly marvellous thing! Watch cat videos until your eyes bleed, find out the time in Guam, have a Skype call with your grandma, or Google search fundamental questions such as ‘can cow saliva cure baldness?’ and ‘how to survive a zombie apocalypse.’

Surprisingly, these aren’t even the most bizarre Google searches that have been identified. Some of them are enough to make you wonder just who is asking these questions?! To find out which searches are most common, simply begin typing in a question and see the results for yourself – try phrases like ‘how to’ or ‘why is’, for example, and you may be surprised at the results.

Google search suggestions arise depending on which questions or comments occur most often. Not only are these genuine suggestions often funny or strange, but they provide insight into our lives – your biggest fears, hope and curiosities.

If you’ve ever Googled something random before, fret not, because you are not alone. The internet is teeming with bizarre Google suggestions and autocompletes – and we have hand selected some of our favourites below. Try not to laugh – we dare you!

Media Street’s favourite Google searches

As a digital marketing agency, we are often searching Google for the latest industry trends, information and news. That being said, very rarely do we come across such peculiar results. We’ve put together this top ten Google searches for your amusement.


1.Grilled cheese or taco? We’re backing grilled cheese

2.The strawberries are where?!


3.No words


4.Shhhhh don’t tell anyone

5.Erm, no…




7.That’s concerning!


8.Very good question


9.We saw a unicorn once…it didn’t have a horn though


10. I don’t know why! Let’s make it happen


What’s the weirdest thing you have ever searched for on Google? Let us know by replying to this blog post, or get in touch and speak to a member of our friendly, professional team today.

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