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Top 5 Hidden Google Tools

23rd May 2014 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

Improve the way you surf the net in less than 10 minutes by using these quality new apps and extensions. Google Chrome is fast becoming the only browser really worth using for avid internet users. There are so many new apps, widgets and features to help you enjoy your online experience in the way you want it, by personalising your browsing experience. Here’s our favourite top 5 new features. Welcome to the new age!


Wicked New Chrome Tab Manager

Tired of the old looking tab manager? Then this app is a MUST! One click access is what we’re talking about and allows you to organise everything in one hot spot. Change the colours, layout and make it much more of a personal experience.


Slow loading pages and crashes, not any more!

If you have a load of different tabs open at the same time you use a shed load of memory. Not any more with the ‘onetab’ extension. Simply click a button and it organises all your tabs in a drop down box and reduces your memory usage by over 90%. Great for SEO work!


Menu Heaven

For an additional 194 extra features just one click away this app is a must. If you’re into your social networking and making it slick check this out. You can shorten URL’s, highlight to search, create QR codes, translate and share information, download stuff and much more, all in just 2 clicks! Sweet.


Capture screen shots new style

Nimbus Screen Capture can capture the whole browser window or a selected section of it. Or maybe you want to simply draw a picture or sketch a mockup? Nimbus Screen Capture can help with that


New Look Google Trends

More colourful and interesting that the spice girls themselves, this funky chicken of a feature allows you to see what’s trending on the internet in real time. Google trends transformed!

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