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Top 5 Tips for creating Adverts in Google Adwords

19th April 2013 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

This article explains 5 simple steps you can take to make sure the Adverts within your Google Adwords campaign have the best chance of achieving success. Many small and medium sized don’t have the budget to subcontract their PPC marketing to specialist companies and instead manage their campaigns themselves, often very successfully. However, if you don’t know all the options available to you it can be hard to create and sustain an effective Google Adwords campaign – these top tips will get you off to a good start!

Display URL

In standard text adverts (by far the most commonly used advert type within Google Adwords) you have the option to show your display URL and ideally, you want to make this as visible as possible. Instead of having, which is not exactly easy to see in terms of the separate words, why not go for or

Destination URL

Once you have set the Display URL, you need to set your Destination URL – this is the page that people are directed to once they have clicked on your advert. It’s vitally important that you don’t make potential customers search around your website trying to find what they are looking for, attention spans are notoriously short amongst web users. For instance if your selling shoes, someone has searched and clicked on your advert because that is exactly what they are looking for – shoes! So don’t direct them to your home page where they have to navigate through to the page they’re interested in, send the straight to your shoes product page.

Ad Extensions

As many of you will already be aware, Smart Phones are now an extremely popular way of accessing the internet. Assuming that your website is mobile friendly you should be making the most out of the fact that these users, by definition, have a mobile phone in their hand. Use Ad Extensions to show your business number to all Smart Phone users so they can call you straight away without having to search around for the correct contact number.

More Adverts

Don’t just create one advert hoping that you have nailed it first time, instead create 4 or 5 Adverts per Ad Group and monitor the success of each over time. You’ll notice that some Adverts are much more effective and are receiving a lot more clicks than others- try and analyse why this is and implement your results across the rest of your Google Adwords campaign.

Be Careful with Dynamically Generated Headlines

Only use Dynamically Generated Headlines in Ad Groups using Exact Match Type Keywords. Dynamically Generated Headlines use the users searched-for Keywords in your advert – fantastic, IF what they have searched for is what your advertising. For instance if your selling shoes and your keywords are all Broad Match – someone might search ‘Smelly Shoes’, see that as the headline of your advert and could potentially waste your money by clicking on it.

Want to know more about Match Types within Google Adwords? Read: Understanding Google Adwords.

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