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Using Twitter for Blogging

22nd June 2010 Marketing, Social Media

Twitter has become very popular amongst users all over the world. It’s a wonderful social networking site for users who love to post short messages (Tweets), of less than 140 characters, allowing them to share news and information quickly and easily with friends, colleagues and customers. Twitter has so many features that it provides a handful of uses for different people. For some people it is a mere entertaining/social platform, for others it is a great medium of getting answers to questions and for corporations its a marketing tool.

Some people use Twitter for posting what’s known as microblogs. It’s quite easy to post a microblog on Twiter; one just has to click on the “Post Tweet” button and they get their message instantly published and available to followers and the general public.

Some people use twitter to increase the traffic to their main site. They use their Twitter account as a marketing tool and post news, stories and links to their main company site on the social network. Allowing traffic to increase and promotions to be advertised simply and effectively. An intelligent use of Twitter’s features can enhance one’s business to new heights. It is an amazing networking site and one can even get fitness tips, food preparation tips, current politics scenario and more vital information on the these Twitter microblogs.

There is a huge craze for Twitter all over the world and even huge film stars, renowned sports person and other great people use twitter. This networking site has made the whole world look so small that now everyone can be in direct touch with the stars easily. Twitter’s powerful search engine is one of the best parts of this networking site having to process and add over 600 new Tweets a second to it’s search facility.

Tweet blogging service can serve a user in several effective ways if one is clear what he wants to promote through this networking site. One can post several blogs promoting their online business through it. The biggest benefit of using it as a blogging site is that it has enormous visitors and you can target a particular section of people through it either by demographic or by the sector they’re in (ie. Marketing, Web Design, Hosting etc.). If one wants to start multiple online promotions then he can have multiple accounts as well to fulfill his objective. User can have separate social accounts for their friends and a unique id to drive blog traffic.

Twitter is one of the world’s largest networking site along with Facebook which has gained huge popularity within a very short span of time especially over the last three years and with both networking sites offering a free API to developers it means that they will continue to grow with companies creating software, phone apps etc. to integrate with these social networks.

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