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Virtual Private Servers

25th September 2012 Hosting

Many Web Hosting companies offer ready made VPS hosting solutions that group their customers according to which package they would like. While this can be fine up to a point, some businesses will require more flexibility in terms of CPU Cores, RAM, and Operating Systems. For instance if you require a large amount of RAM but you are forced to have more CPU Cores than is necessary by choosing a ready made package, your money is not being spent as effectively as it could be.

Media Street’s Virtual Private Servers are fully customisable so the customer pays for exactly what they need and NOTHING ELSE! By specifying how many CPU Cores you would like, how much RAM you require, and how much space on the Hard Drive is needed you are able to find the perfect solution for your hosting needs.

You can also choose from a range of Linux and Windows Operating Systems as well as your preferred Control Panel – Plesk 10, Plesk 30, Plesk 30 Power Pack, Plesk 100 or CPanel. Exeter Web Hosting also provide a cost calculator so that you can keep track of how much your spending on your Virtual Private Server.

With Exeter Web Hosting you can set-up your VPS in around 30 minutes and if you choose yearly renewal instead of monthly you’ll save over 10%. To order a Virtual Private Server just click HERE or alternatively, call one of our team on 01392 914141 to find out more information.

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