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Website Marketing Strategies: Which Work Best, For Who?

8th May 2015 Marketing

Web-based businesses are ten for a penny these days, the internet and the digital realm being regarded within practically every industry and field as the contemporary key to professional success. As such, whenever a site is being launched or an existing site is wishing to re-brand or release a new product, a sound approach to digital marketing is a necessity. If you’re in need of pointers for your business, look no further; here are some fresh strategies that have worked for a variety of e-businesses that you can use as inspiration.

Online Gaming

Web-based entertainment is a blossoming industry and as such, it’s imperative that your site’s marketing approach on point so as to push past the burgeoning population of competitors. Spin Casino, a popular casino gaming site, is a good example of e-marketing done right. Firstly, the site has geared its products completely towards the games that their demographic want to play. With a young, male demographic, the focused publication of games such as slots has cornered a large section of the market. What’s more, releasing games based upon popular culture – films, TV shows, games etc – has brought in users that otherwise would be uninterested in traditional games – a sound move.

Content-Led Sites

Running a news, review or editorially-minded site that provides content for users to consume can be difficult in today’s media-heavy net, but with a few choice marketing calls one can establish a niche. Here, two strategies need to be pinned down. First, make sure that your website appears and operates in a highly functional, fast manner across every variety of devices, optimised completely for each – you don’t want people being frustrated by the layout when they try to access on a device other than a PC. Next, produce high quality, fresh content, bolstered with lots of images, to meet the trends and expectations of your readership. Yes, feel free to cotton on to existing trends in online media, but definitely don’t be afraid to try out new layouts, styles and tones that break from the norm; The Atlantic is a great example of this being done correctly.


Businesses that are actively trying to sell products to consumers should take a highly social media-led approach to their marketing initiatives. Create pages on every social networking site possible, then start producing and publishing content. It could be promotional deals, competitions; whatever fits your particular business. These customer-facing and business-facing, content-led ideas will boost brand awareness and allow customers to interact with your company, providing a useful (and free) source of critique. Producing a blog within your website is also paramount. This will allow you to create tailor-made content to attract visitors to your site, making it more than just a portal through which one can purchase products. Blogs are also a great help, boosting search engine ratings.

Do you know of any particular digital marketing strategies that you connected with? Let us know what they were below.

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