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What Is Link Building?

25th March 2010 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

A majority of businesses at the moment are realising how important the Internet is to their company and budgets are increasing every quarter for online marketing and search engine optimisation (SEO). So what’s everyone investing in? Or what should they be investing in? The answer is simple, they should be investing in link building.

After a blog, a link building campaign is the simplest marketing method possible. In a sense, in a majority of cases, it’s not even marketing. You don’t pay for a click, you’re not getting the front page of all the websites and to be honest, probably less than 150 people a year will visit your website for 80% of the links built. So if you’re not getting the visits from the link and if you’re not getting front page / in your face advertising then why do it? How does it work?

Link building is when one website links to another website. Through a search engine’s eye this counts as a vote, a friend, if you will. So if you have 10 websites, linking to you, Google will think that you have 10 votes of recommendation. If Google registers 200 “inbound” links they’ll start thinking your popular and authoritative.

Slowly the importance of link building is becoming apparent. Although the site where the link is might not get the clicks, it will mean though that you’ve been voted for again and as a result the search engines will start rising you up the rankings until eventually you get to the first page. If you’d be interested in a link building campaign than please see what link building services we can offer your company.

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