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Why it’s worth taking your business into the social media marketing jungle

9th October 2015 Marketing, Social Media

So, you have a great website design and your search engine optimisation campaign is spot on. Job done, right? Well, not exactly. Because even when you think you have all of the main boxes ticked on the internet marketing list, the beast of social media marketing comes lurking up to bite you and your business.

worth taking your business into the social media

To many business owners, social media is simply an afterthought – something to be put on the to-do list, maybe for when you get a spare hour at the end of the week, by which time you’re exhausted. So what’s the point? Everyone says that social media is a passing fad anyway, don’t they?

Some people do, and they are wrong. Recent statistics indicate that the global social media network has grown by 176 million users in the last year and this is expected to continue growing with six new Facebook profiles being created every second.

Social media marketing need not be a chore and if done right, it can significantly improve your chances of success in the ever changing world of internet marketing.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

Create a loyal customer base

Simply providing a good service isn’t enough to attract repeat business nowadays. Social media gives you tools to connect to your audience on a daily basis, allowing you to thank, praise and reward your customers to high heaven.

Tap into new customer bases

Not only can you utilise social media marketing to keep your existing customers interested, but you can also attract new ones. Every blog post, video or customer endorsement that you share has the potential to find a new customer.

Learn from your customers

Many businesses jump into social media marketing with the same old ideas about how to spread their brand identity – that being preach, preach, preach, and repeat. The beauty of social media is that it is a two-way street. This means that, instead of simply dictating your values to the masses, you can discover new values from your customers that apply to your business.

The truth is, social media is here to stay. No matter what sector your business trades in and no matter what your core demographic is, a well played social media marketing campaign can work wonders.

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