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3 common myths about business blogging

18th August 2015 Marketing, Search Engine (SEO)

If it’s done well, blogging can help cultivate goodwill, generate leads, and send your site higher up the SERPs. But while there are some great tips out there for aspiring business bloggers, there are also some commonly-repeated maxims that simply don’t stand up to scrutiny. At Media Street, our professional SEO team know how to sort out the wheat from the chaff when it comes to successful internet marketing.

3 of the most common myths we’ve come across

1. Make sure to start video blogging

The problem with this tip is that it doesn’t take into account the individual capabilities of each business, and each blogger, when it comes to producing professional video content. Video is a powerful marketing tool, with videos commonly given preference by mobile search algorithms, and 18-34 year olds in particular respond well to their influence. But it’s critical to remember that this only applies if the videos in question are done well.

Forcing yourself to start a video blog when you’re not comfortable in front of a camera, or not confident in your editing capabilities, can be a bad idea for your brand. Only commit to this option if you can invest in good content, or have the confidence and time to pull it off – otherwise it can prove to be a frustrating and fruitless process.

2. Blog as much as possible for the best results

For SEO purposes, a wealth of quality material is obviously better than a shortage. But these days, content only serves a marketing purpose if it is genuinely helpful and engaging. As such, it’s important to release content at a manageable rate, and keep the overall quality high. If you find you have to outsource, make sure to use someone that meets your standards.

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3. Try to gain a wide readership

This is perhaps the biggest common fallacy. Wide readerships are useful for individual bloggers, who are ultimately paid based on the number of people that view advertising on their site. For businesses, a small, engaged readership is much more important, so make sure to target relevant issues around your business rather than chasing whatever happens to be trending.

Ultimately, good business blogging only works as part of a comprehensive internet marketing strategy. If you’re curious to see how Media Street can help your business develop its online profile, get in touch with our professionals today.

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