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Can you Write Blog Posts to Please Customers?

26th June 2015 Marketing

It goes without saying that in marketing, blogging is one of the most effective techniques for your online success. As we are sure you’re aware, it’s a pretty big deal. But how can you get your blog on the right track to capturing the audience and leading them to fulfil the call of action? Media Street understand the importance of blogging and have constructed the perfect blogging formula that we follow closely to achieve these goals. Here are our top 3 aspects of blog writing that can empower your business.

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Determine Your Audience

Before you put your pen to paper or put your fingertips to your keyboard you need to understand your audience. It’s easy to have a vague description in mind, maybe just the age bracket? But here’s a handy exercise Media Street go through; creating buyer persona’s through a customer profile.

Who will be reading this blog post?

When will they be reading this?

Where will they be reading it?

If you ask yourself these questions a target audience soon comes to form. We’ll know their age, gender, lifestyle, class, where they’re from, why they are reading your blog and what they want to read.

Think of an Engaging Topic and Title

It may seem obvious but determining a solid topic to write about must happen before any writing can begin. A topic that is too generic usually ends with in depth ramblings, to avoid this, we think outside the box in a specific field. Using Media Street as an example, our topic could be outdated web design, then the titles will begin to flow “10 Common Factors of Outdated Web Design”, “Bring your Website to Life and Become Interactive”. This is the key to guiding your post to a conclusion and point of action so our titles are always inviting and audience grabbing. Can you see how we go through an evolution process of topic to working title?

Start Writing

Now you can add structure. Think to yourself, what content is involved and what can you expect to be added? Here’s our listed summary.



Featured Image

Call to Action

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

So these are the aspects of blogging each business needs to exploit and open their eyes to. Contact us for our blog services today to fully utilize your web content in the world of blogging.

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