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Yell & Amazon’s Voice Search Collaboration

17th November 2020 SEO

Directory website Yell has announced a collaboration with Amazon, which will help businesses on the platform be found through voice search. This new voice search feature will give businesses on Yell even more exposure to potential clients or customers. With voice search becoming more prominent and this type of search undoubtedly set to take over even more in years to come, it has never been more important to ensure company details are detailed and correct online.

In this article, our Exeter SEO team takes a closer look at the collaboration between Yell and Amazon and what it means for companies who utilise the online business directory. We also provide a focus on the off-site SEO work that our marketing team carries out for our clients, which includes the creation and optimisation of business listings such as those found on Yell.

About Yell

Remember the Yellow Pages? Well, for those of you who have yet to make the connection, the former Yellow Pages was run by Yell. Since its ceasing – January 2019 – the company has put its entire focus on helping businesses become discoverable for potential customers online. The website was started in 1996 and today is home to over 2.5 million company listings based in the United Kingdom.

The platform simply allows users to search for a specific service, product or company in any given UK location and the most relevant results will appear. The Yell website offers companies in the UK the opportunity to take advantage of a free business listing or the chance to be seen by more potential customers through a paid listing. Either way, if you’re a business owner and are gearing up towards optimising for voice search by taking advantage of local link building opportunities, you need to be on the platform.

The Yell & Amazon Collaboration

Yell has confirmed that, through its collaboration with Amazon, companies listed on their site will now be able to benefit from customers making voice searches on devices such as the Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Show and other devices with Alexa built-in. The collaboration is now active, meaning the voice search feature is in use as we speak.

Users won’t even have to physically use the search function to be introduced to your company! A user, for example, looking for search engine optimisation services in Exeter will simply have to say ‘Alexa, I need a search engine optimisation company in Exeter’ and the results will be announced by the device. You may find Media Street come up as a recommendation! The search function is completely free and joins the list of business-benefiting features that can be explored by companies on Yell for no charge.

Speaking of the impact of the collaboration, CEO of Yell, Claire Miles commented, as reported by Business Cloud: “With many of us spending more time in our homes, it’s key to enable end consumers to search for and find the local businesses or services they need, through their preferred choices of digital channel. This arrangement with Amazon, and their fantastic cloud-based voice service Alexa, now makes it even easier for end consumers to ask for local business information straightaway.”

It’s important to note that this is not Yell’s first collaboration with a smart speaker company. Those who own Siri, Google, or Microsoft Cortana powered smart speakers can also be presented with results from Yell’s online business directory.

Why Business Listings Should Be Optimised for Search

According to Yell, ownership of voice-activated smart speakers in Great Britain has grown by 35% since 2019. There’s no surprise there, how many people who you know own an Alexa or similar device? These devices are relatively cheap and seem to only be getting cheaper, making them more and more of a viable addition to homes up and down the country.

What’s more, Yell reports that more than two thirds of people that own devices such as smart speakers interact with them on a daily basis. With these stats confirming just how prominent search voice is becoming, it is vitally important that businesses recognise the potential of services such as Yell and Google My Business. Those that prioritise their presence on such platforms are likely to have a real advantage when a customer comes looking for their services in their area.

Last year, we explored the emergence of voice search in our industry focused article The (Unpredictable) Future of Digital.

The Impact of Media Street’s SEO Team

At Media Street, our marketing team has been working to ensure our clients are ready for the impending take over of voice search. With the number of people owning devices that enable voice search increasing and companies subsequently adapting to accommodate those searchers, now is the right time to ensure your company moves with this advancement.

Our marketing and SEO team is here to take care of all your off-site SEO needs, including the optimisation of business listings like those found on We will look at every aspect of the listing and ensure that all key company information is present and accurate. With the ability to report on almost any aspect of the listing – opening hours and reviews, for example – having a fully optimised online profile can really help a business stand out from a competitor.

If you wish to open up a conversation with us about the important future of voice search and how to optimise your company’s online presence, please contact us today. A member of our Exeter SEO team will happily provide their expertise and evaluate how compatible your company is with voice search.

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