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How to survive the floods of internet content

19th August 2016 Content Marketing, Marketing

There is a deluge of content available on the web – and were drowning in it! The internet is so flooded with content, it’s hard to know whether to read it or grab a paddle. And no one person could read it all – not even if their attention span was phenomenal. Every day we’re bombarded with new articles, and some of them really are quite boring.

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It can be hard to differentiate between what is worth reading or skipping. The truth is that a lot of this content is valuable,engaging and informative,but how do you make sure your content stands out from the rest? If you want internet users to take the time to read your content, you must take the time to create something useful and most importantly, unique!

Think quality over quantity. Focus on the consumer experience, rather than generating content for content’s sake. Here are the facts…

So if you want people to read what you’re writing, we’ve put together a list of useful points to remember when writing content for the web. At Media Street, we know too well the value of good content – it’s what we do!

10 top tips for improving your web content

1.Create a catchy headline

Online users are more likely to click on your article if your heading is attractive and exciting. If possible, try to ensure they are no longer that 6-7 words long. Use tools like this one to find out what people are searching for. Is there a need for your content to be produced?

2.Remember the 5Ws and 1H

Who, what, when, where, why and how? When writing online content, ask yourself these important questions – if you have responded to all of them (and they are relevant), you can’t go too far wrong.

3.Time is precious

Considering your audience is paramount. Don’t waste their time by highlighting the obvious or known. Write something new and engaging and that is supported by interesting existing information. They’ll be much more likely to share something that they haven’t heard before!


Never underestimate the importance of visual stimuli when writing your blog or article. A good writer will use images or videos to support content and keep their audience’s attention. After all, 90 percent of information transmitted to the brain is visual, find out why we use infographics to attract the right audiences.

5.Get personal

Personalising your content will help you to achieve much greater results. Imagine the industry you are writing for is a person. Think about its characteristics. What would they want to read?

6.Include facts and figures

A good piece of writing will have some facts and figures embedded in the text. These serve as support for your article, and provide potentially new and interesting information for readers to digest.

7.Remember to PEE

PEE all over your laptop! Just kidding, don’t take that literally. PEE stands for point, evidence, explain. This simple rule will ensure you are making solid statements in your article, and backing them up substantially.

8.Be concise

Most article visitors will read around 50 percent of the content, so it’s best to get to the point. Avoid flowery language and fluff – and make sure that your audience know precisely what you are trying to say. They might just make it to the end without all the jargon and useless nonsense.

9.Be original

With over 2 million blog posts being generated every day, it’s important to make yours stick out. Avoid regurgitating existing information and go for the niche!

10.Offer a solution

Instead of just writing about a problem, try to offer a solution. Offering tips and hints about certain challenges is a great way to engage and interact with your audience.

Wading through the bad content

Keep these tips in mind when you are writing, and you will be plain sailing above the floods of terrible content. These are key to ensuring your blogs and articles get seen when your audience is surfing the web. Ride above the waves of poor content (too much?) and create something that’s exciting, engaging, unique and informative

At Media Street, we have a team of experts who can help you with all of your content marketing and SEO needs. Whether you are a well-recognised business looking for some extraordinary copy or an individual who needs help with blog post writing, we can help you.

In addition, we also provide valued web design and hosting services. To find out more about our extensive packages, give us a call!

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